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Dirty Pranks (to scare people), Being alone, Bus


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Train is a character from the Dance Dance Revolution series appearing in DDRMAX2 alongside his partner Bus in the background videos of both "Long Train Runnin" and "spin the disc" respectively. His playable appearance is in Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection. In both DDR EXTREME and DDR EXTREME 2/STRIKE, he and Bus are seen playing the dance simulation game during the Beginner Mode.

Games in order of appearance:

DDRMAX2 -Dance Dance Revolution 7thMIX- (2002)

Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME (2003)

Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection (2003)

Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2 (2005)

Character and PersonalityEdit

Train is described as confident and a mischievous person who loves pranks by scaring other people. He is also a loner as seen on Long Train Runnin background video where he and his partner Bus are separate while he was sitting inside the bus as the latter is standing behind him before they dance. He also hates if other people gives him some advice or not to forget of what Bus had told him which it irritates him.

Train is portrayed as a lone street dancer and a prankster who pranks other people by scaring them away.


Train appears to have a slicked back short dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He also has a black earring on his left ear.

In DDRMAX2 during background videos, he was seen wearing a dark blue short sleeve shirt with a red and yellow round design at the center of his shirt, red denim pants and white sneakers. He also wears a black bracelet with red linings on his right wrist and a chain silver necklace on his neck.

In DDR EXTREME through DDR EXTREME 2/STRIKE, his appearance has minor changes as his dark blue shirt is replaced with a white muscle shirt and he gains white wristbands in both of his wrists while his red pants now has blue flames in each side at the edge of his pants and his white sneakers has two red lines in each side of his sneakers resembles the "addidas" sneakers.

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