I think the Triple Journey Event is pretty cool. I am really loving all of the songs that crossed over to DDR. I really wish I could play all of these songs.

Song Opinions

  • sola - I am loving this song! This is one of the songs I tap the rhythm to in class.
  • Sweet Rain - This song is pretty cool, too. I like the Expert chart a lot. I feel that some parts should have been a little harder.
  • Magnetic - Awesome song with an awesome Expert chart. I kinda wish they put 64ths in the 40 BPM section.
  • キケンな果実 - I could listen to this song all day and would not get sick of this song.
  • フー・フローツ - Love this song!
  • からふるぱすてる - This song is all right. For some reason, my mind keeps playing the part with the 12ths over and over in my head.
  • The Wind of Gold - I like this song a lot. The chart is really good. I like the jump-freezes at the end.
  • RЁVOLUTIФN - I love all of TËЯRA's songs. This is no exception! It was surprising to me that this was a 14.
  • Right on time (Ryu☆Remix) - I like this song. I figured this song would have a lot of jumps but I wasn't expecting it to be so difficult (thinking maybe a 12 or 13)
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