DDR X-Special RDa Dance Stage

Awesome to see, isn't it?

So, on the September 18, 2013 update, Dance Dance Revolution(X-Special) received the original Dance Dance Revolution (song)'s background video. But lo and behold, it uses the Replicant D-action dance stage!! It's even nicer! I hope they keep doing this (adding old BG videos but putting them on a dance stage) for other songs as well. Maybe even put back TRIP MACHINE EVOLUTION and PARANOiA Revolution's BG videos back to what they were in DDR X3 (on a dance stage instead of being in fullscreen)!

Ideas for crossover songs with special BG monitors

  • JOMANDA (jubeat copious APPEND) - Dark blue/black stage with huge monitor
  • VALLIS-NERIA (REFLEC BEAT limelight) - White stage with huge monitor

And that's all I have for now.

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