This blog of mine is just a parody of one of the villains in "The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest" which he keeps the book that he called "The Book of Rage".

We all know that Reiji is a long spiky haired man with a goatee as well as the street dancer with a bad temper hence his nickname "Rage".

From 3rdMIX to UNIVERSE 2, his appearance with a mix of street dancing attires and his motif was "camoflauge" where it was shown either pants, capris or jackets. His appearance resembles to Mike Shinoda of the band Linkin Park before he shaved his head in the It's Going Down's music video with X-Executioners.

In DDR SuperNOVA to DDR X, he is always covered in headwear but underneath his hair has a medium spiky hair which he cut his hair short. His evolution of his character appearance was his hairstyle and outfits.

He now wears a modern street dance attires and most of the time that he wears a sleeveless hoodie jacket, jersey jackets and hipster jeans or shorts. Just like Julio in his X and X2 outfit.

And last and finally, everyone knows they made him a good looking guy but retains his temperamental personality. His X2 outfit almost a slight copy of Hazama's outfit. He cut his hair shorter which he becomes a good looking guy. But both him and Hazama wears the same black fedora hat. Not just Hazama, his black steel toed shoes resembles to Ragna's steel toed shoes.

The evolution of Rage's character consists of being a hot-headed street dancing guy to that of a good looking street dancing guy and always had a goatee in appearance. In his X2 and onwards, his goatee might be slightly shaved in his CGIs and much like a back-up dancing guy. :DDDDDD

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