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Song Information[]

Valkyrie dimension

Album art.

Artist: Spriggan

Composition/Arrangement: Spriggan (DJ YOSHITAKA)

Video Type: Stage (X2→Present), Full (DDR II)

BPM: 47-744

Length: 1:56

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X2

Other Appearances:


Unknown except for indistinguishable samples of whispers in the song.

Song Connections / Remixes[]


  • In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is a female soldier part of a group of other soldiers who decide which soldiers die in battle and which stay alive.
  • Valkyrie dimension is the 'final boss' song of DanceDanceRevolution X2. It is also the first song to have a special intro movie before the player plays it as an ENCORE EXTRA STAGE.
  • Valkyrie dimension is accessed as an ENCORE EXTRA STAGE when the player has collected all 6 medals on Replicant D-action. Alternatively, it can be accessed as the final song in the VS REPLICANT course. As of February 23, 2011, it is fully unlocked.
    • The boss character of Valkyrie dimension is Dark Rinon, the boss of all Rinon clones.
      • All six colored Rinon clones, including Dark Rinon herself, can be seen in the background video.
    • On DDR II, it returns as part of Replicant D-action. However, this time, it is not an ENCORE EXTRA STAGE song considering the game's engine but an unlockable boss song instead.
    • On DDR X3 VS 2ndMIX and later, it is available by default.
  • Valkyrie dimension is DJ YOSHITAKA's first boss song for the DanceDanceRevolution series.
  • Spriggan's identity was revealed by DJ YOSHITAKA during the finals of KONAMI Arcade Championship 2011.
  • The ending portion for PARANOiA Revolution's Expert stepchart uses the last half of Valkyrie dimension's ending stream (first half for Doubles).
  • Valkyrie dimension was used as a Final Round song exclusive to the finalists of the KONAMI Arcade Championship 2012 event for DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX. The real Final Round songs for KAC 2012 were:
  • All of Valkyrie dimension's charts have (or are tied with for) the highest rated charts of their respective difficulties.
  • Valkyrie dimension is the first song to have a Beginner chart that has actual 8th note streams, and the first one rated Level 9 since Fascination ~eternal love mix~ from DDR SuperNOVA. As of DDR X3 VS 2ndMIX, osaka EVOLVED -毎度、おおきに!-'s Beginner charts are also rated Level 9.
  • Valkyrie dimension's BPM changes are as follows:
    • 90→98→116→134→152→170→188→205→222→240→480→stop→744→stop→186→93→186→24 stops→186→93→744→186→stop→186→46.5→390.
  • Valkyrie dimension has the first Single Expert chart to be rated an 18 out of a maximum of 20, other than the location test version of the Expert chart for POSSESSION.
    • Valkyrie dimension also has the first and only (as of DDR 2013) Basic chart that is rated Level 13, as well as a Level 15 Single Difficult chart prior to the rerating of PARANOiA ~HADES~ on DDR X3 VS 2ndMIX.
    • It is also known to be the first DDR song with a Challenge chart that is rated a 19, the current highest rating of any chart in the series (despite the fact that people have made edits that are rated Level 20). The Single Challenge chart is especially infamous for having an 8th note stream at 480 BPM.
  • Valkyrie dimension is one of five songs with a Double Difficult chart rated Level 15. The other four are Anti-Matter, Pluto The First, PARANOiA ~HADES~, and Pluto Relinquish.
    • Valkyrie dimension is also one of four songs with a Double Expert chart rated Level 18. The other three are Pluto The First, PARANOiA Revolution, and Pluto Relinquish.
      • This song is one of three songs to have both the highest rated Double Difficult chart and the highest rated Double Expert chart. The other two are Pluto Relinquish and Pluto the First.
  • Valkyrie dimension has a different album art in DDR II. The reason for this change is unknown.
  • Valkyrie dimension's charts currently have the highest Chaos value of all charts whose song is not composed or arranged by Naoki Maeda, as follows:
    • Beginner: 37.6. Also the current highest of any Beginner chart, beating CHAOS's 25.9.
    • Single Basic: 74.8
    • Single Difficult: 110
    • Single Expert: 143.2
    • Single Challenge: 154.1
    • Double Basic: 86
    • Double Difficult: 112.3
    • Double Expert: 141.8
    • Double Challenge: 160.2
  • Valkyrie dimension's background video was removed from DDR (2013) due to technical issues. However, it was later readded in an update.
  • Valkyrie dimension's Beginner chart has 253 notes, the second highest of any Beginner chart to a non-long version of a song, only topped by Elemental Creation's 285.
  • Valkyrie dimension's Single Expert and Single Challenge charts share a section of their charts, but they are placed at different sections of the song and are Mirrored from each other.
    • In Single Expert, the section starts right after the long Freeze after the 24 stops up until about 3 measures after. In Single Challenge, the section starts right after the long Freeze arrow at the beginning of the song and ends about a measure before the 3 8th note jumps.


Background Video[]


Encore Extra Stage Intro Video[]


Song Production Information[]


Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Single Doubles
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 253 / 14 349 / 9 444 / 32 632 / 39 712 / 44 / - 331 / 7 444 / 25 591 / 12 634 / 45 / -
DDR X2→Present 9 13 15 18 19 13 15 18 19
DDR II 9 13 15 18 19 13 15 18 19

Groove Radar Values[]

Groove Radar Values Single Doubles
Stream 44.000 61.000 77.667 119.255 145.342 57.667 77.667 108.547 127.350
Voltage (X2) 61.833 61.833 92.833 119.616 170.645 61.833 92.833 119.616 170.645
Voltage (X3) 61.833 61.833 92.833 ↓115.376 ↓155.376 61.833 92.833 ↓115.376 ↓155.376
Voltage (DDR 2013) 61.833 61.833 92.833 ↓111.977 ↓143.132 61.833 92.833 ↓111.977 ↓143.132
Air 23.636 16.364 21.818 21.818 70.909 40.000 25.455 16.364 52.727
Freeze 65.771 72.229 76.657 73.029 55.057 68.600 73.229 61.743 76.714
Chaos 37.550 74.750 110.019 143.149 153.993 86.000 112.283 141.915 160.318

Valkyrie Dimension Single Beginner and Basic DDR X2 AC

Valkyrie dimension Beginner and BSP


Valkyrie dimension (SINGLE DIFFICULT)

Valkyrie dimension DSP


Valkyrie dimension SINGLE EXPERT

Valkyrie dimension ESP


Valkyrie dimension Single Challenge

Valkyrie dimension CSP


Valkyrie Dimension Basic-Double PFC - DDR II (Wii, US)

Valkyrie dimension BDP


DDRX2 - Valkyrie Dimension Double Difficult

Valkyrie dimension DDP


Valkyrie dimension EDP (played by TAKASTAR)

Valkyrie dimension EDP



Valkyrie dimension CDP