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Saving the Earth

Victory Concent (ビクトリーコンセント bikutorī konsento?), or simply known as Victory, is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Victory is a Konsento robot who comes from the Robobo Star over a billion light years away to save the world from evil. First introduced in DanceDanceRevolution X2 as the successor to Louis-CONCENT III, he is portrayed as a hero who wishes to stop evil organizations from taking over the Earth.

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Character and PersonalityEdit

Victory Concent is described as a heroic, kind robot who will also do anything for justice. He hates evil organizations, which are trying to kill the people he is trying to save. Also, he hates losing and not being able to save the people. However, not much else is known about him.


  • Funnily enough, Victory Concent's model name is D2R-2009 (which happens to be the same model name as his predecessor), despite the fact that DanceDanceRevolution X2 was released on July 7, 2010.
  • Victory Concent appears as one of the main characters in the PiX minigame for DDR X2, along with Geisha Zukin.
  • He also appears in the Mekuru meku Dance★Party (メクルめくダンス★パーティ) puzzle image that unlocks Dummy on DDR X2, along with Rinon and Gus.
  • Victory Concent is one of the only few characters to actually have a voice. This is proven in DDR Dance Wars, as the player exits the shop, Victory Concent says, "Have a good day!"
  • Victory Concent is one of the tallest non-human characters in the DDR series, standing at 9'3" (along with Robo-Zukin). In contrast, the tallest human character is Gus, at 6'3" (including his hair).
  • As with all other non-human characters from X2 and X3 VS 2ndMIX (including DDR HOTTEST PARTY series character Rena), Victory Concent was removed as a playable character in DDR 2013.


  • Victory Concent
  • TOY ARMOR accessory.
  • Victory Concent along with Rinon and Gus on the puzzle image that unlocks Dummy.
  • Pattern A cut-in.
  • Pattern B cut-in.
  • Pattern C cut-in.
  • Quick Play Mode icon (Victory Concent on right, Rage in center, and Gus on left)
  • VICTORY-CONSENT- Kingyo AccessoryGo to
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