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Vivid example

Vivid is an arrow option first used in Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX, in which each note per beat (compared to a 4-beat register) alternate different color cycles, making 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/12th and 1/16th steps look different and making it easier for the player to recognize changing rhythms.

How the Arrows are Colored[]

The Vivid option has the same color cycle as Flat (yellow, maroon, blue, and cyan), although each note per beat starts at a different color. Sometimes, the same color may appear in two notes that are quantized differently (e.g. 32nds and 4ths).

Arcade Series[]

DDR 3rdMIX→5thMIX[]

Vivid is the default arrow option.


Vivid/Off was made an arrow option alongside Flat and Solo.

DDR SuperNOVA→Present[]

"Off" was renamed to "Vivid".

DDR CS Releases[]

DDR Wii Series[]

Available in all games. The other options, Rainbow and Note, would be added in DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 3.



DDR 2013 - Confession Challenge 999,710 PFC

The Vivid arrow option in gameplay (Player 1 side).

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