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General Information[]


Yoshikazu Nagai, better known as REDALiCE, is a commissioned artist who is known for founding the labels ALICE'S EMOTION and HARDCORE TANO*C. He is also one of the most famous DJs in the J-Core scene. His musical style focuses on mostly happy uplifting and hardcore techno (sometimes with a vocalist singing), but sometimes he will also turn to stronger variations like gabber.

Besides composing original songs in BEMANI, REDALiCE remixes music from the Touhou Project series of doujin games, and he also works with Masayoshi Minoshima from the Alstroemeria Records label.

He made his DanceDanceRevolution debut in DDR 2013, where he composed Beautiful Dream.


  • REDALiCE participated in the KONAMI Arcade Championship 2012 Grand Finale mini-live event, where he played Little Star alongside L.E.D.
  • REDALiCE was a long-time DDR player. He often played on the Double Style of play. This was confirmed via his song comment on Beautiful Dream in DDR 2013's eAMUSEMENT website.
    • REDALiCE also wrote the stepcharts for Beautiful Dream.

DanceDanceRevolution Songs[]

Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement Lyrics
Beautiful Dream REDALiCE feat. anporin DanceDanceRevolution (2013) ?