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Elemental Creation

DJ Yoshitaka in Elemental Creation's album art.

General Information[]

  • Name: Yoshitaka Nishimura (西村 宜隆)
  • BEMANI Game of Debut: beatmaniaIIDX 11 IIDX RED
  • First DDR Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2
  • Birthday: February 9, 1979


Yoshitaka Nishimura, better known as DJ Yoshitaka or DJ YOSHITAKA, is a BEMANI artist who made his debut in BEMANI in beatmaniaIIDX 11 IIDX RED. He was one of the sound directors in IIDX RED alongside dj TAKA and Tatsh. He is well known for his trance/pop songs, especially his CaptivAte series of songs, his contributions to the jubeat series like Evans and FLOWER, and his first boss song in the DanceDanceRevolution series Valkyrie dimension. His songs are also known for having a lot of scratching, including some for Des-ROW. DJ YOSHITAKA made his DanceDanceRevolution debut in DDR SuperNOVA2, with Vem brincar (with TOMOSUKE, who also made his debut in DDR SuperNOVA2 as well). He was the head sound director for the beatmaniaIIDX series from GOLD (2007) to SIRIUS (2009). His position as sound director for the series was met with mixed reception amongst the non-Japanese BEMANI crowd.

Currently, DJ YOSHITAKA is the head director/sound supervisor of the REFLEC BEAT series and the head producer of the SOUND VOLTEX series.


  • DJ Yoshitaka was found by Naoki Maeda. Incidentally, Yoshitaka scouted out Kanako Hoshino, the vocalist for many of his earlier vocal songs who also made her debut on the same game he did.
  • He owns a dark brown chihuahua, Daizu.
  • Yoshitaka is the first artist to make a song in the DanceDanceRevolution series with a chart rated Level 19 on DDR X's 1-20 difficulty scale.
  • DJ Yoshitaka is known for the fact that many of his songs have a BPM of 185.


  • DJ Yoshitaka
  • Lucky Vacuum
  • 朱雀 (Suzaku)
  • VENUS (lyrics/vocals for, with Sota Fujimori)
  • Michael a la mode (with a different voice pitch)
  • Humanoid
  • つよし (with Yoshihiko Koezuka)
  • The Plastic Ambition (with jun)
  • Creative Life (with TSU-NA)
  • ガキ大将ティーム (collaboration with Akira Yamaoka)
  • Caldeira (member of, with TOMOSUKE)
  • Galdeira (member of, with TOMOSUKE)
  • Spriggan - only for Valkyrie dimension.