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Song Information[]

You are a Star

Album art.

You are a Star (X2 CS)


Artist: NAOKI feat. Anna Kaelin

Composition: NAOKI MAEDA

Arrangement: You Takigawa

Lyrics: Brenda Burch

Vocals: Anna Kaelin

BPM: 155

Length: 1:32

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X2

Other Appearances:


It's 5am now, time to get out of bed
Another day is ready to start again
The shower's running, coffee is burning hot

Get out the door in time for the train
Cell phone is ringing with messages coming in
The traffic's jamming, let's see who is gonna win
Yeah, the game is on if you are strong
And you want to play

No one said the race would just be a piece of cake
Work your way to the top
You've got to put in the time, pay your dues
The corner office is there waiting for you

Yeah, yeah, you are a star
There's no mistaking you will make it to the end
I know you've got what it takes to believe in yourself
You will never give in, you're a star
No one else in the world could replace the way you smile
The way you look when you're inspired
I know you will shine no matter what you face
Cuz you are a star

Song Connections / Remixes[]



  • You are a Star, along with KIMONO♥PRINCESS, marks Anna Kaelin's debut in BEMANI.
  • You are a Star is one of the new default Konami original songs on DanceDanceRevolution X2.
    • Its Challenge chart is unlocked once you have reached Enjoy Level 58.
  • You are a Star was the second unlock of MISSION Stage 03 on DDR Dance Wars. To unlock, you had to accomplish these objectives:
    1. Clear PASSION OF LOVE on Basic with 820,000 points or higher.
    2. Clear DYNAMITE RAVE on Basic with a B or better.
    3. Clear Silver Platform - I wanna get your heart - on Basic with 800,000 points or above.
    4. Clear DYNAMITE RAVE on Difficult with 720,000 points or above.
  • You are a Star has different Beginner and Basic charts on DDR HOTTEST PARTY 3 and MUSIC FIT.
  • On DDR HOTTEST PARTY 3, the DDR stage is pre-selected and cannot be changed. The reason of this is because of the dance routine is performed on the dance pads like the Lesson by DJ songs.
    • Unlike the Lesson by DJ songs, no chart corresponds with the dance routine.

Difficulty & Notecounts[]

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows 73/0 108/24 208/34 352/26 391/32 166/5 212/13 318/7 367/11
DDR X2→Present 2 4 8 12 13 6 8 12 13
DDR X2 CS 2 4 8 12 13 6 8 12 13
DDR HOTTEST PARTY 3/MUSIC FIT ☆2 ☆3 ☆6 ☆9 - - - - -
DDR S+ 2 4 8 12 - - - - -
DDR Dance Wars 2 4 8 12 - - - - -

You are a Star (Expert) ~DDR X2~

You are a Star ESP


You are a Star (Oni) ~DDR X2~

You are a Star CSP