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January 8th


23 (DDR X)
24 (DDR X2-present)


175cm (5'9")


145lbs (66kg)

Blood Type



Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Things

Silent night


Hot things (both in the physical and mental sense)
Being bothered


Tropical Fish


Zero (ゼロ, kanji: 零) is a brand new character! What secrets could lie hidden in the heart of this mystery man?

Games in order of appearance

Design and ConceptionEdit

Here is what the designers have to say:

"The original sketch for Zero was so far removed from the current design you wouldn’t believe it – he actually had the hairstyle of a Japanese and American businessman from the ‘70s! So we revamped the concept, gave him a new haircut, argued back and forth about whether to have him wear a shirt under his jacket, and finally came up with a compromise, an open-necked wool sweater, which is what you see now. He seems like an aloof introvert at first glance, but he’s actually got the burning soul of a dancer. We hope you like him!" - DDR X

Character and PersonalityEdit

Zero communicates in as few words as possible, sometimes coming across as rude and arrogant when he does finally speak, other times being genuinely interested in the dancers albeit it's usually brief. His true personality remains a mystery even to the player as he reacts differently to each character.

Street Master ModeEdit

Zero ended up moving to town. Seems like he’s already fed up with all the outrageous dancers that live here especially considering he’s the most outrageous of them all…


  • (To everyone) "......"
  • (To Disco) "I'll make you regret ever coming here."


  • Zero is a surgeon as revealed when Jenny asks him to be a model.
  • He is the first character to be interviewed by Rinon in the Japanese DanceDanceRevolution X2 website's "Rinon's Why/What Corner," occasionally referring to her as "mademoiselle," though the questions he answers pertain to the gameplay.
  • In Street Master Mode, Zero's question to Julio is different in different versions of DDR X.


What is it that vampires don't like?

A) Moonlight
B) Sunlight
C) Spotlight

They don't like sunlight.
I don't like it, either.


(What is having 0 points in tennis called?)

A.アイ (ai, "I")
B.ラブ (rabu, "love")
C.ユー(yuu, "you")

(That's correct)

(Having 0 points in tennis is called LOVE.)

(It originates from France; the shape of 0 resembles an egg)

The interaction between Zero and Julio, as with a majority of Street Master Mode, is no different between versions. It is unknown why this was the only question to be edited.


  • Zero deciding to live in Disco's town and enjoying his silent night at the end of his story.
  • Zero's outfit in DDR X.
  • Zero... in a donkey mask... in X (alternate outfits)
  • Zero's X2 accessories.
  • Zero's DDR X2 outfit.
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